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Mitigating Risks in EOR for Dubai Companies Hiring in Brazil


In today’s globalized world, expanding your business into new markets can offer tremendous opportunities. For Dubai-based companies, hiring in Brazil can seem like a great way to access a vibrant, resource-rich, and relatively untapped economy. However, without understanding the risks and complexities involved, this venture can prove to be severely problematic. Therefore, to help companies ensure that their Brazilian hiring is as risk-free as possible, Gonex EOR explains the potential risks and presents viable solutions.


Legal and Compliance Risks

Brazil’s Convolution of Labor Laws

Brazil’s Labor laws are notoriously complex, fleshed out, and developed to protect employees’ rights. The Consolidation of Labor Laws is a particularly big issue, as it forces a variety of benefits.

Advice: Employers should gain a thorough understanding of these laws to ensure that they do not break any of the provisions and suffer subsequent fines.

Example: Multinational giants often break the law after underestimating the complexity and steepness of these requirements and fees. As a result, in 2021, a huge international corporation was slapped with a $500,000 fine after failing to provide their Brazilian workers with legally mandated overtime pay or annual leave.


Common Labor Disputes

In addition, a variety of labor disputes create certain risks. The most common root cause is underpaid or unpaid overtime work. Disputes are generally related to wrongful or inconsiderate dismissal or underprovisioning of the severance pack.

Advice: Employers should have sturdy contract protection and dispute resolution mechanisms to avoid risks.

Example: a tech startup was fined $150,000 for postponing payments to their employees’ pension funds. Only through proper management of social insurance obligations can these costly mistakes be avoided.


Economic and Political Stability

Brazil’s Economic Landscape

Brazil’s economic context is a power contrast between opportunities and challenges. The country boasts a vast and robust economy with significant resources in almost every noted sector. However, it is also consistently shaken by economic turmoil. Those employing a foreign direct enterprise may want to be aware of these sentiments, should they struggle to find consistently competent local workers.


Political Climate

Political-imposed changes have occurred in Brazil in the past few decades. These shifts have their way of affecting businesses, whether through flexible labor laws, beneficial taxations, or expansion-friendly changes. Whatever the case, hiring companies should stay informed in case there are any significant changes that will impact taxation laws, as this will govern the framework in which they will operate and hire.

Advice: consider Executive One-Stop Service solution. An employer of record can grant local insight necessary to navigate Brazil effectively.


Cultural Differences and Management Challenges


Bridging the Gap

The culture of Dubai and Brazil may also create a barrier between employer and employee. Brazil’s work culture exists between formal measures imposed often by laws or professional attitudes and a need for personal relationships and dialogue – a need that may be less prevalent in the work cultures of the Middle East.

Advice: invest in sensitivity training, creating a policy of understanding and cultural awareness without fear of insensitivity. Just like the other information and programs highlighted, these may be supplied with the assistance of Gonex.


Financial and Taxation Considerations

High Human Resource Costs

Human resource costs in Brazil are relatively high, especially in major cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Employers must budget for wages, benefits, and mandatory social contributions.


Tax obligations

As mentioned above, Brazil’s tax system is complicated, and it consists of multiple taxes on salaries, including income tax, social security contributions, and several labor-related funds. Thus, efficient management thereof is critical, as can help avoid any financial penalties and unpleasantries due to legal non-compliance.

Example: Gonex addressed a manufacturing company that found itself in a situation with tax liabilities amounting to 20% of the payroll, which was due to the mismanagement of its tax obligations. By the agreement with Gonex, the business integrated with its EOR services, ensuring timely and adequate tax payments to the authorities.


Recruitment costs

Another important risk associated with entering a foreign market is the cost of the recruiting process. To select the most suitable candidate, businesses need to invest in advertising, interviews, and onboarding thereof.

Advice: Gonex is likely to be the best EOR choice for your business due to its wide network of experienced specialists that can identify the most valuable talent in a short amount of time. This way, the process of hiring would become more efficient and logical.


Why Gonex is your best EOR choice?

Knowledge of local labor laws. Gonex can help reduce the amount of fines an entity has to pay as it has a profound understanding of the particularities of Brazil’s labor laws. Furthermore, the company’s legal team constantly monitors all regulatory changes so that you will comply with them regardless of their severity and urgency.


Efficient cost management. By integrating EOR services with Gonex, you can benefit from the company’s simplified process of managing social insurance contributions, taxes, and other employee benefits. This way, you will benefit from the reduced financial burden placed on you and save time on the general process of administration.


Bridging the gap. By using Gonex’s training program, incoming teams can have a comprehensive guide on how to meet in the middle with the locals. Additionally, there are valuable insights and knowledge on risk aversion that could be taken into consideration.


Political and economic risks. Gonex helps acquire the local knowledge and perspective necessary to adapt to the changes in Brazil’s political and economic systems easily. This way, you will have enough information to neutralize potential complications.



All in all, hiring in Brazil implies multiple opportunities and attempts to get the best out of the experience. In addition, they can be overwhelming and time-consuming, leading to a high level of risks. However, with such an experienced partner as Gonex, all the potential risks and challenges can be resolved.

Gonex is the team of choice to support your Brazil expansion as EOR. Working with the experts, your company can be confident that there is robust risk management plans in place and a compliant, engaged workforce. By providing support, from payroll management to specialist HR advice, Gonex can help companies across Dubai focus on growing their business, knowing their international recruitment needs are in safe hands. If you are considering expanding into Brazil, do not let the complexities of employing staff in a foreign country put you off. With the right support, you will soon be on the path to success in this richly diverse land. Let Gonex support you every step of the way. Your journey to international recognition and success begins today.


Key Points:

Work remote internationally

Expanding your business operations internationally, especially in remote work, offers access to a global talent pool. Gonex provides the expertise to navigate complex labor laws and compliance issues, ensuring seamless international remote hiring.

Best global employer of record

Choosing the best global Employer of Record (EOR) like Gonex ensures compliance with local labor laws, efficient cost management, and effective risk mitigation. Gonex specializes in providing comprehensive EOR services, making international expansion smooth and risk-free.

International human resources agency

Partnering with an international human resources agency like Gonex simplifies the complexities of global hiring. From handling payroll to ensuring compliance with local regulations, Gonex supports your business expansion into new markets like Brazil with ease.

Why Gonex?

Experienced Management Team: each member in the team has 10+ years experiences in Overseas Human Resources Management, composed of seasoned HR professionals.

Powerful connection: Gonex has established over 10 entities worldwide, along with more than 30 stable partners, together offering the most comprehensive overseas human resource services to our clients.

Strict compliance with laws and regulations: At every step in our service process, Gonex strictly adheres to local laws and regulations, ensuring our clients completely avoid any legal disputes.

Competitive price: Gonex’s services are 20% more affordable compared to other companies in the industry, allowing our clients to allocate more resources to their core business.


What Gonex offer?

Employment of Record: This service helps clients legally hire employees in countries or regions where they do not have a legal entity established.

Payroll BPO service: This includes payroll project implementation plan development, project deployment, payroll calculation, payment of funds, administration of statutory and supplementary benefits, customized reporting, and other comprehensive payroll services.

Global Mobility: Based on the company’s internationalization strategy, the company assigns employees to overseas branches/subsidiaries and handles visa and tax matters in accordance with local policies, while assisting in the compliance management of employees throughout their international assignment life cycle.


GONEX One-Stop Solution: Your strategic partner

Compliance and Legal Adherence: GONEX’s Employer of Record (EOR) service ensures legal compliance in employing local staff.

Cross-Border Payroll and Tax Management: Streamlined payroll services simplify cross-border management.

Flexible Employment Solutions: Adaptable employment services cater to changing business needs.

International Talent Dispatch: Support services facilitate the dispatch of key talent to overseas.

Digital HR Management Platform: Technology-driven solutions enhance management efficiency and cultural integration.


Who do we serve?

Gonex served 70+ clients to expand overseas. The incomes of our clients like Mengniu, Kuaishou and CHINT are up to 192.4 billion.


Let Gonex assist you and your company with handling such complex overseas hiring processes! To access more information on corporate international expansion cases, global employment guidelines, worldwide compensation management, regulations for various regional countries, and factory establishment manuals in different nations, you are welcome to visit the GONEX official website at www.letsgonex.com to download these resources or view our company’s business introduction in PDF format (https://letsgonex.com/in.pdf).

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