Industry:Biological Pharmaceuticals

Oversea team size:80+
Professional Services:Offering visa and employment services for Chinese nationals dispatched to Europe.

For businesses venturing abroad for the first time across Asia-Pacific, Africa, EU, etc, Gonex offers EOR/payroll outsourcing services, minimizing client costs associated with supplier management.


  • Headquarters: 20-30 domestic tech and management staff sent to the US, UK, Canada, and others for business expansion face challenges in diverse deployment due to varying qualifications, roles, and technical expertise.
  • Lack of welfare planning for expatriates, limited knowledge of similar companies’ expatriate benefits, and a shortage of market references.
  • Lack of unified clarification on visa application procedures and document preparation.
  • Lacking strategies for tax planning and other related matters after assignment


  • In response to destination-specific qualifications, after extensive two-week discussions, assignments are now sorted into five batches.
  • Reviewing global employment policies, focusing on Europe, and exploring industry-specific benefits.
  • Weekly summaries on expatriate visa progress, providing continuous assistance in submitting additional documentation as required by the client.
  • Tax planning post-expatriation, particularly in the Netherlands.


Oversea team size:50+
Professional Services:Payroll Outsourcing Services

Expanding globally to dozens of APAC and African countries, Gonex offers payroll outsourcing to streamline vendor management and reduce costs.


  • Expanding into dozens of APAC and African countries for the first time poses challenges with unfamiliar national policies and complexities in global recruitment.
  • HR lacks understanding of policies in English.
  • Have different requirements for overseas employment models.
  • Lack understanding of overseas compensation and benefits.
  • Lack of overseas employee management mechanisms.
  • Encountering urgent issues, requiring strong support from partners beyond the scope of service.


  • Offer comprehensive training for urgent global expansion.
  • Pre-onboarding communication ensures understanding of employment terms, facilitating labor contract signing.
  • Provide compliant global employment guidance for various forms, ensuring legal workforce practices.
  • Understanding and acceptance of statutory/local benefits.
  • Coordinate and resolve urgent client issues promptly, ensuring effective risk mitigation in complex situations.

Industry:Intelligent Manufacturing

Oversea team size:150+
Professional Services:HR SaaS Management System

Global business over 20 countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America.


  • Outdated subsidiary compensation structure lacks clarity and reliable data, leading to high labor costs without corresponding performance outcomes.
  • Unmanaged labor costs surged in the previous year, posing a threat to profitability and competitiveness.
  • Performance Gaps: Subsidiaries lack a cohesive performance management system, leading to inconsistent employee performance and insufficient recognition of top talent. This hampers individual development and organizational growth.


  • Gonex analyzed and adjusted the compensation structure, aligning with global industry benchmarks from the Gonex database. The new structure balances competitive pay and performance incentives, 10% reduction in labor costs.
  • Gonex implemented a performance management system, ensuring clear expectations, regular feedback, and structured assessments for employee alignment with company goals and motivation.
  • Implemented forward-thinking long-term tracking, identifying high-potential employees, and tailoring career paths for continuous growth.
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