Global Payroll Service

Gonex aims to help businesses in localizing across 100+ countries with tailored payroll solutions and reports, optimizing salary strategies for flexible global expansion.

Our Services

Committed to clients with global payroll solutions, ensuring compliance with worldwide regulations.

  1. Customized Global Payroll Solutions:Customizing payroll solutions to fit client needs and business models.
  2. Implementation:Enabling clients to centralize global payroll management.
  3. Statutory/Tax Filing:Understanding global statutory benefits and assisting clients in management and filing.
  4. Global Expatriate Employee Tax:Calculating and filing individual income taxes for seconded employees, adhering to destination country regulations
  5. Global Payroll Compliance Policy:Tailored global compliance policy recommendations for ongoing adherence to payroll best practices.

Our Advantage

Simplify payroll for accurate and timely disbursement, ensuring compliance with local laws.

  1. Global Coverage:Global Payroll Management Services Coverage
  2. Customized Solutions:Customizing global payroll solutions to meet specific salary requirements and compliance needs.
  3. Process Simplification:Simplify cross-border payroll processing complexity through automation tools and process optimization.
  4. Global Legal Compliance:Understanding of global laws and labor standards, ensuring compliant global payroll management.
  5. High-Level Data Security:Implementing strict data security measures to safeguard client data confidentiality and integrity, ensuring reliable payroll information security.

Global compliant payroll solutions with professional
support, ensuring seamless operations.

  • Global coverage

  • Customized solutions

  • Automated process

  • Legal global compliance

  • Data Security Protection

  • Professional support

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