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South Korea’s Work Visa Policy Update in 2024

With the significant updates to South Korea’s work visa policies in 2024, HR professionals are facing new challenges and opportunities. As an organization focused on global talent recruitment and management, GONEX deeply understands the importance of adapting to these changes for HR teams and offers professional guidance to help them fully utilize the new policies.


Changes in South Korea’s Work Visa Policies:

Increased Introduction of Foreign Labor: Facing challenges of labor shortage, the South Korean government plans to introduce up to 165,000 foreign workers, a historical high. These workers will be distributed across various industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and fishing, to alleviate labor shortages in these sectors.

New Workation Visa System: This visa provides overseas remote workers the opportunity to stay in South Korea for an extended period, allowing them to work and travel. The initial visa is valid for one year, with the possibility of extension up to two years. This policy reflects South Korea’s openness to the international labor market and adaptation to the remote work trend.

Enhanced Labor Market Management: The South Korean government plans to strengthen residence management of foreign workers, ensuring their smooth settlement in South Korea and addressing employers’ difficulties in managing foreign employees.

E-9 Visa Updates: This visa is applicable to foreign citizens aged 18 to 39, with no criminal record, relevant professional skills or educational background, and passing a Korean language proficiency test. The update aims to attract foreign labor with specific skills and backgrounds.


Support from GONEX:

To help HR professionals adapt to these policy changes, GONEX offers the following services:

Policy Interpretation and Implementation Advice: Detailed interpretation of policies and effective implementation suggestions.

Candidate Screening and Evaluation: Assistance in screening and evaluating international candidates according to the new visa requirements.

Compliance and Strategic Planning: Ensuring recruitment processes comply with the latest immigration regulations and helping in planning long-term talent strategies.

The 2024 changes in South Korea’s work visa policies bring new challenges and opportunities for HR professionals. GONEX is committed to helping your organization fully leverage these changes, attract and retain global talents, and gain a competitive edge.

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