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Strategic Guide to Supply Chain Relocation to Vietnam for Developed Nations

In recent years, an increasing number of international corporations, notably from developed countries like the United States, have been shifting their production lines to Vietnam. This trend is fueled by various economic pressures and geopolitical shifts, including the U.S.-China trade war that erupted in January 2018. This disruption prompted a reevaluation of global supply chains, leading firms to explore alternative manufacturing hubs. Vietnam has emerged as a prominent destination due to its competitive advantages in labor costs and strategic location. This guide will delve into the critical steps U.S. enterprises should consider when transferring their supply chains to Vietnam, addressing challenges and strategic insights to optimize relocation efforts.


Step 1: Selecting Production Lines to Transfer

The decision to move production involves a meticulous assessment of current operations and potential locales. U.S. firms might adopt the “China + 1” strategy, where Vietnam serves as an alternative or complementary base to existing Chinese operations. This approach is suitable for companies seeking cost reductions in basic manufacturing and assembly. However, if the production process is complex, it is crucial to undertake comprehensive research on Vietnam’s labor force, supply chain networks, and infrastructure to ensure viability. Furthermore, companies planning to export from Vietnam must ensure their products meet local origin criteria and understand the associated tariffs and trade regulations.


Step 2: Choosing an Entry Strategy

Entering the Vietnamese market can take multiple forms:

Outsourcing: The quickest strategy for supply chain reconfiguration is outsourcing manufacturing to local factories. This requires no physical presence in Vietnam but depends heavily on reliable local suppliers and logistics partners.

Establishing New Production Lines: For companies aiming for long-term presence, setting up new production facilities offers control over operations. This option requires understanding Vietnam’s investment climate and conducting several site visits to assess potential locations and infrastructure.

Acquisitions and Mergers (M&A): Acquiring an existing local company can fast-track market entry, offering immediate access to operational factories, a skilled workforce, and established market networks. The M&A strategy requires due diligence to navigate Vietnam’s non-transparent legal and financial systems.


Step 3: Selecting the Best Investment Location

Vietnam is divided into three key economic regions, each offering distinct advantages for foreign investors: 

Northern KER: Includes major provinces like Hanoi and Hai Phong, ideal for industries needing quick access to Chinese parts and materials. 

Central KER: Covers areas like Da Nang and offers a less competitive investment environment with lower costs due to its emerging market status. 

Southern KER: Encompasses bustling economic centers like Ho Chi Minh City, suitable for industries targeting diverse sectors and consumer markets.


As companies from developed countries like the U.S. continue to explore Vietnam as a viable manufacturing hub, it is imperative to approach this transition with a strategic framework. By understanding the necessary steps—from selecting appropriate production lines and entry strategies to choosing the optimal location—businesses can effectively navigate the complexities of supply chain relocation. This guide serves as a foundational resource for U.S. enterprises considering Vietnam as their next operational frontier, providing insights that pave the way for successful integration into the Vietnamese market.

This detailed exploration not only highlights the logistical considerations but also underscores the economic incentives and market dynamics that make Vietnam an attractive destination for supply chain diversification.


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