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Vietnam Employee Benefits and Holiday Guide

Understanding Vietnam’s holiday system is crucial for employees and employers working in the country. This not only helps to comply with local laws but also promotes a balance between work and life.


I. Traditional Public Holidays


Vietnam’s public holidays reflect its rich cultural traditions and historical celebrations. Major holidays include:

Vietnamese New Year (Tet): The most important traditional festival in Vietnam, the celebration usually lasts for 7 days. During this period, commercial activities are reduced, and people reunite with families to engage in traditional celebrations.

International Labor Day (May 1st): A common holiday for workers around the world, Vietnam also observes this day with a day off.

National Day (September 2nd): Commemorating Vietnam’s independence, this is a significant national holiday.

Hung Kings’ Temple Festival: A commemoration of the historic kings of Vietnam, usually including rituals and celebrations.

Liberation Day (April 30th): Marking the end of the Vietnam War, this is an important historical commemoration day.

Other Festivals: While not official holidays, celebrations like the Mid-Autumn Festival and Women’s Day are observed in many areas.


II. Sick Leave

Sick leave regulations are an important part of Vietnam’s labor law. Employees can apply for sick leave when ill, usually requiring a doctor’s note. The number of sick leave days depends on the employee’s tenure and health condition, and employers cannot discriminate against employees for taking sick leave.


III. Maternity and Paternity Leave

Vietnam’s maternity leave system provides female employees up to 6 months of paid leave, reflecting the importance of health for mothers and newborns. Male employees can also apply for paternity leave according to company policy, to support their family.


IV. Annual Leave

Employees are entitled to at least 12 days of annual leave after completing 12 months of work. The number of annual leave days may increase with the employee’s tenure in the company. Employees usually need to apply for annual leave in advance and negotiate the specific leave times with their employer.


V. Other Benefit Leaves

Vietnam also has other benefit leaves, such as marriage leave, bereavement leave, etc. The specific days and application conditions for these leaves vary by company but are typically a few days to a week.


Understanding Vietnam’s holiday system is very important for employees and employers working in Vietnam. This not only helps to protect the rights of employees but also assists companies in complying with local legal regulations, promoting workplace harmony and productivity.

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