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Global Work Visa Application Guide: Indonesia Edition


In today’s globalized world, an increasing number of businesses and individuals are choosing to develop cross-nationally. This article will focus on Indonesia’s work visa policies, providing a comprehensive guide for enterprises and career developers planning to operate in this region.


1. Indonesian Work Visa Policies and Types:

Indonesia offers a variety of work visas to accommodate different professional needs and durations of stay. The main types include:

Short-term Work Visa: Suitable for foreign experts on short-term projects or specific tasks.
Long-term Work Visa: Applicable for foreigners intending to work in Indonesia for an extended period, typically valid for one year.
Specific Skills Work Visa: Targeted at professionals with particular skills.

2. Process for Obtaining an Indonesian Work Visa:

The standard procedure for obtaining an Indonesian work visa usually involves the following steps:

The employer applies for a work permit at the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM).
Once the work permit is obtained, the applicant must submit a visa application at an Indonesian diplomatic mission abroad.
Submit the required documents, including the work permit and company sponsorship letter.
Wait for approval, after which the visa is issued, and the individual can proceed to work in Indonesia.

3. Documents Required for an Indonesian Work Visa Application:

Documents needed for applying for an Indonesian work visa include but are not limited to:

A valid passport and photocopies.
Passport-sized photographs.
Work permit.
Employment contract.
Educational and employment experience certificates.
Health certificate and criminal record clearance.

4. Important Considerations for Indonesian Work Visa Application:

Ensure the accuracy and completeness of all documents to avoid delays in approval.
Be mindful of the visa’s validity period and apply for renewal in advance.
Familiarize yourself with Indonesian labor laws and immigration policies to ensure compliance.

5. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Indonesian Work Visa:

Q: What is the general cost of a visa?
A: Visa fees vary depending on the type and should be confirmed with the Indonesian diplomatic mission.

Q: How long does visa processing typically take?
A: Standard processing time is about 4-6 weeks, but actual time may vary depending on the circumstances.

Q: How to renew a work visa?
A: Renewal applications should be made before the current visa expires, submitting the relevant documents to the Indonesian immigration office.

Understanding the process and requirements for applying for an Indonesian work visa is key to successful acquisition. This guide aims to assist you and your business in smoothly completing the work visa application, paving the way for your professional journey in Indonesia.

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